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For professionals and amateurs, we provide the very best sports surfaces in the UK.

Artificial Grass For Sports Surfaces

If you need artificial grass for your local leisure centre or you need a surface that is highly durable for a wide variety of sports then pro grade artificial grass is an effective solution. For sports surfaces Lancashire, Elite is a premier supplier and installer across the county. Artificial grass is very popular for many reasons, but particularly because of its strength and durability. This means that it allows for heavy usage without the need for expensive maintenance.

Our grass surfaces are used in both professional and amateur sports and is perfect for football, tennis, athletics, golf, hockey and more.

Artificial grass provides increased shock absorption, so when players are using an artificial pitch all year round in all weather, they are more comfortable and can perform at their best with a reduced risk of injury on uneven and muddy surfaces.

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Training Facilities

The perfect and cost effective solution to all year round training facilities.

Sports Surfaces UK
Competition Standard

For sports that allow artificial surfaces, we can supply a competition grade product.

Tennis Courts

Ever popular in the UK, tennis courts that look and feel the part.


Professional or amateur football training pitches with low maintenance.

Sports Surfaces Lancashire – Supply & Installation Service

As most sports can be played come rain or shine, if the pitch is too muddy this can cause a significant loss of game time. The quality of the pitch can also impact athlete’s performances. If there are muddy patches or standing water, it’s likely a game will be called off. Artificial grass drastically reduces the need to call off events.

Artificial sports surfaces like synthetic grass provide very natural sensation in comparison to real grass. Lots of people believe that fake grass is an inferior material – not true. But whether you are playing a game of hockey, which requires a flat surface, or football, which demands fast footwork, or even a game of golf which needs a reliable surface for the ball to roll, artificial grass is an ideal choice.

Sports Surface Installation Company 

Whether you are running a sports club or leisure centre, or managing university grounds and need artificial grass for sports training and activities, we provide long lasting sports surfaces in York for a wide variety of clients and we provide sports surfaces for every type of need.

It’s important to have good quality sports surfaces to ensure that the person playing the sport is comfortable and able to do their best. Once upon a time, fake grass was deemed inferior to real grass. Now artificial grass is an ideal alternative to real grass due to its quality and all year round versatility. Artificial grass and sports surfaces are an ideal choice for any individual or sports club.

Fake grass is becoming increasingly popular, not just for sports-related reasons, but it is far easier to maintain than real grass and looks better. As it retains its colour for years, it is a far better investment in the long-run. We provide sports surfaces for a wide variety of clients. Whether you need sport surfaces to withstand your golf swing or the trampling feet of a whole manner of football, cricket, and rugby teams, artificial grass and sports surfaces are a common-sense solution.

Sports Surfaces Lancashire.