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Discover why artificial grass is the best choice for school playground surfaces. There are so many reasons why artificial grass is ideal for use as a school playground surface. Here at Elite Sports & Play Surfaces we specialise in the supply and installation playground surfaces for schools and nurseries and are a leading supplier of artificial grass across the UK.

Playground Surfaces

Low maintenance

First of all, artificial grass is ideal for use as a surface in school playgrounds because it is low maintenance material. What this means is despite being able to use it in the winter and the summer without any problems, it doesn’t need the constant tending that a real lawn requires. 

In fact, because our grass is designed to allow rainwater to easily drain through it, you won’t have to worry about how to entertain the kids when it’s raining, or having to cancel sports games you have put lots of time and effort into organising. 

Additionally, because there is no mud to contend with, kids can play on this surface without having to worry about staining their clothes or bringing mud from outside into your school buildings, which can really cut down on cleaning time and costs. 

Long term cost saving

Another critical advantage of using artificial grass for school playground surfaces is that it offers excellent cost savings. Synthetic grass can stand the wear and tear of being used by kids every day. This is the case come rain or shine too, which means no expensive re-turfing after the winter season. 

Child safety 

Finally, and most importantly our grass is an ideal choice for school playground surfaces because it is such a safe surface for the kids to play on. Indeed, today’s synthetic surface has advanced a great deal from its initial beginnings as astroturf, and is now soft, smooth, and offers a cushioned surface idea for play. 

Of course, by choosing our grass you get all of these advantages, while also getting school playground surfaces that look and feel just like real grass.

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