Artificial Football Pitches

Football Pitch Artificial Grass From Elite

Artificial grass has a lot of benefits when used as a surface for sports pitches, instead of real grass. It’s become a popular option for lots of sports, including football. But why is artificial grass so popular for football pitches? A football pitch made of artificial grass has many benefits. 

All-Weather Surface

Artificial turf can be played on in rain or shine. Astroturf is free draining, so matches don’t have to be postponed due to waterlogged pitches, so there’s no lost revenue due to cancelled matches. With astroturf, any rainfall will drain through the backing, leaving the playing surface free from standing water. 

It also copes well during long periods without rainfall, and won’t turn brown or patchy like real grass does during sunny weather. An all-weather surface allows for play all year round.

Artificial Sports Surfaces For Football Pitches

Environmentally Friendly

It might not be an obvious benefit, but astroturf is also good for the environment. Unlike real grass, artificial grass needs very little water. High levels of water consumption are not only bad for the environment but are expensive for schools and football clubs as well. 

Artificial grass doesn’t need any sort of fertiliser or pesticide to keep it usable for play. The toxic chemicals needed to maintain real grass can have harmful effects on the environment and on the players. 

Reduced Risk Of Injury

Foam underlays with astroturf have reduced the risk of player injuries. The underlay absorbs the impact of trips and falls, and also works to lower the stress that is put on the joints of players. 

No footballer, whether professional or amateur player, ever wants to get injured. Injuries on professional footballers can be financially crippling for players and clubs. 

Injuries have ruined plenty of careers, so clubs need to do everything that they can to prevent accidents from happening. An astroturf football pitch with a foam shockpad is a great way to do this. The additional cost of this is easily recouped by professional clubs, as it will help the players to stay injury-free. 

Can Be Used Frequently

Artificial turf is capable of withstanding a lot of use. This means that an artificial turf football pitch can be used almost constantly without showing any signs of wear. 

This means that clubs that own football pitches are able to offer their services throughout the day and well into the night, giving them an opportunity to earn money by offering the pitch for hire. 

It is very common for schools and school holiday clubs to use astroturf football pitches during the day, and then for adults to use the surfaces throughout the evening. All this use doesn’t cause the artificial turf to show any signs of wear for several years. 

Compare this to real grass, that needs a significant amount of recovery time between each use, or it can turn into a muddy mess in the winter, or a dried out, dusty, patchy pitch during the summer months. 

Astroturf can withstand a very high level of use, making it an excellent commercial investment. 

Artificial Football Pitches