Artificial Grass Hire

Artificial Grass Hire

For Corporate and Private Events:

Artificial Grass Hire

If you are looking to install high-quality artificial grass for your event, we can provide artificial grass hire. Whether it’s indoor events that need some extra comfort or you need something sturdy to ensure your guests are safe from the perils of muddy wet grass, our artificial grass hire services can guarantee your domestic or private event, from exhibitions and shows to garden parties, wedding receptions and everything in between, will make your event look great. 

The Perfect Surface For High Footfall

Artificial grass is great for a wide variety of events. If you have a large event at your venue, the footfall alone can leave your grounds looking a mess. As such, you will have a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards and the reparations for your landscaping can be costly. Going for artificial grass hire can help to reduce these worries as artificial grass comes with no mud and no sodden surfaces. No mud means no mess. If you are worried that an outdoor event will be a washout due to the rain, artificial grass is wonderfully weather resistant. If you have a terrible downpour at your event, the synthetic properties of artificial grass means it won’t get muddy or waterlogged. 

Artificial Grass For Exhibitions

Artificial grass is a very popular choice for exhibitions, not just because it is highly durable and weather-resistant, but it looks fantastic, making it the perfect backdrop for promotional photos. Artificial grass hire provides a welcome alternative to easily stained cheap flooring. When you hire a venue for your exhibition or show, you need artificial grass to provide an extra sense of decoration. Rather than dull, uninspiring flooring, you have a lush green material that looks fantastic but is also cost-effective, so you can spend more on other key aspects, guaranteeing your space will make a substantial impact.


Going for artificial grass hire doesn’t just guarantee your space will look fantastic, but its minimal maintenance is priceless. If someone drops food, spills a drink, or throws confetti everywhere, artificial grass is so easy to clean up. If children are running around there is minimal chance of an accident due to the soft surface. 

The Perfect Backdrop

Whether you are looking to provide the perfect backdrop to your event or you need something low-maintenance to ensure that nobody gets covered in mud, artificial grass hire is the way forward for your needs. Artificial grass is so popular for events, personal and professional, and it looks amazing. It provides  a rich backdrop to your events, can brighten up any dull outdoor space, and its durability and shock absorption means everybody will feel comfortable, whatever the occasion. 

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Fully insured and safety checks passed for the peace of mind of you, your venue and your guests.

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We operate to a very high standard of professionalism from start to finish.

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We have fitted hundreds of artificial grass surfaces across the UK over many years.

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Hiring artificial grass is easy for your event and can meet specific requirements. We have a wide variety of artificial grass insuring that whatever event you’ve got planned we can provide the perfect backdrop.

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