Playground Surfaces

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Playground Surfaces

Playground surfaces need to be safe, hard-wearing, and durable. Schools and public playgrounds are choosing artificial grass for their play areas more often and for lots of good reasons. 

Playground Surfaces

It’s Safe

No matter how careful you are, children have accidents. On the playground, they can fall victim to minor scrapes and bruises or more serious accidents like broken bones or head injuries. Playground surfaces need to be safe for children.

Natural grass is harder than you’d think, so it can’t absorb the shock of a child taking a tumble. Artificial grass is a more effective shock absorber, so is much safer. 

Wood chips and bark have sharp edges that could cause cuts, whereas artificial turf is smooth and soft. 

Artificial grass keeps cool like real grass, and is easy for children of all physical abilities. 

It’s Better For Allergies

A lot of children will have seasonal allergies like hay fever, which isn’t much fun when you want to play outside. 

Natural grass all kinds of allergens that can make allergy sufferers or children with sensitive skin very uncomfortable. Artificial grass doesn’t have these allergens, so is better for allergy sufferers.  

It’s Weather Resistant And Durable

Outdoor playgrounds are exposed to the elements, so playground surfaces should be weather resistant. Real grass has to be watered when the weather is dry and needs to be able to drain well when the weather is wet. 

Sand or rubber are often popular alternatives. However, sand can still get muddy when the weather is bad and rubber can crack and fade after being out in the sun. 

Artificial grass work for playground surfaces, because it holds up well under all sorts of weather conditions. The better drainage makes it much safer to play on, as there’s no risk of slipping in puddles while playing. 

It’s Cleaner

Real grass leaves children dirty, muddy, and grass-stained. Sand and recycled tire can also be grimy to play on. A lot of parents also might be concerned that young children might eat dirt or sand. 

Artificial grass doesn’t have these problems. Without real grass, there are no grass stains to try and get out of your children’s clothes. Better drainage prevents wet or muddy clothes after playing in puddles. 

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Low Maintenance Playground Surfaces

Artificial grass is durable, so your playground surfaces need less time and money spent on them to keep them in good condition. Real grass has to be watered, mowed, and fertilized to keep it lush and green. 

Artificial grass doesn’t need this level of care and only needs occasional cleaning.

Bark and wood chips are lower maintenance than grass but are still more time-consuming then artificial grass. The pieces can blow around in the wind, or be thrown and kicked during play, so will need raking to keep it tidy. 

Artificial turf can be cleaned with a vacuum, leaf blower, or hose, so you can do it yourself or hire a services company. 

Playground Surfaces.