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Providing artificial grass for safe play surfaces as well as low maintenance, clean and great looking all year round. Elite Sports & Play Surfaces are the UK’s elite installer.

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Nursery Playground Artificial Grass

Play Surfaces For Toddlers

Artificial grass is low maintenance and extremely durable. It provides the perfect surface for babies and toddlers to use in nursery schools because it’s soft, non abrasive whilst feeling similar to real grass. 

Play Surfaces For Schools

It can be installed over a concrete or wooden surface to create a softer and more colourful outdoor area. School kids can enjoy artificial grass at lunchtime for games with their mates, find a quiet corner to use their device or chat with friends and the easy clean, rapid-dry surface is perfect for outdoor learning. Our grass doesn’t get muddy so there’ll be no more muddy shoes in class or at home and parents will be delighted with no more grass stains.

Artificial grass is perfect ideal for schools and nurseries. It can be used to upgrade a worn area of grass or cover over concrete and wood. Boggy ground, lack of sunlight and heavy use can make natural grass completely unusable for lengthy periods. 

Play Surfaces For Year Round Use

Installing a synthetic grass surface in a school can only be beneficial as it his hard wearing, hygienic and super low maintenance. Suitable for an area of any size, schools can consider replacing multiple hard areas with artificial grass, which can help to reduce injuries that children have when they fall over. It looks fantastic and is perfect for school sports. You can even have pitch lines painted on. If you have play equipment in your playground then under surface shock pads are available.

Playground Astroturf
Playarea Astroturf
Nursery Play Areas

Protecting little ones with a safe, hygienic and low maintenance floor surface.

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Fully insured and safety checks passed for your peace of mind.

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We operate to a very high standard of professionalism from start to finish.

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We have fitted hundreds of play surfaces across the UK over many years.

Play Surfaces For:

Playgrounds – Nurseries – Play Areas

School playgrounds take a lot of hard use and it has to withstand children running and playing every day, which is why tarmac surfaces are so popular. Grassy areas in schools and nurseries can become very muddy very quickly, rendering them unusable during the winter months. Artificial grass is a superb alternative playground surface that is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance; the long term cost savings are huge.

Artificial grass today has vastly improved in recent years. It’s understandable to think of the harsh and gritty astroturf that was first used in the UK. That’s all changed and, today, artificial grass not only looks and feels like the real thing but it also provides a smooth, soft and cushioned surface to protect against injuries. Our  grass is ideal for use under play equipment, such as climbing frames and slides and can even be fitted with under safety pads.

Artificial grass is suitable for year round use. It is strategically perforated to allow rain to drain through, eliminating puddles and allowing the grass to dry quickly. Removing grass and using artificial grass will mean that children can play and take part in sports throughout the whole year, not just the spring and summer. No more mud pits and grass stains, helping schools to remain clean and student’s clothing to stay stain free. Using artificial grass over hard surfaces can result in fewer impact injuries and always looks great.

For Nurseries, Schools & Play Areas.