4G Pitch Installation

4G Pitch Installation From Elite

In recent years, the idea of playing sports and taking part in activities on old, warn-out surfaces has become a lot less desirable. With the inception of artificial surfaces and 4G pitch installation, natural turf is becoming less and less popular. The chances are that there will be a cage or a pitch near your home that has some kind of artificial flooring. As time moves on, we’re likely going to see even more in the future due to the convenience and and durability of 4G pitches . 

Over recent years, the fourth generation of artificial surfaces (or 4G) has come to prominence. The new style has been utilised by large sporting organisations and will likely lead the way for years to come. With that said, let’s take a little look at 4G pitches in a little more depth if you’re interested in investing in the near future. 

4G Football Pitches

What Specifically Is A 4G Pitch?

As mentioned above, 4G literally means it’s the fourth generation of artificial pitches. The difference between 3G and 4G surfaces is that the previous generation contains infill – this generation does not. 

What Kinds Of Activities Can Take Place On It? 

The good thing about 4G pitches is that they’re a direct substitute for natural turf – but with added benefits. Football is typically played on these kinds of surfaces, and have been utilised by many professional teams at the elite level. Rugby, cricket, hockey, and plenty of other field sports can also be played on this surface comfortably. 

How Is It Better Than Natural Turf?

Firstly, 4G pitches provide a cushion effect, allowing a softer feel. This will be helpful in terms of avoiding impact injuries and awkward falls. It also takes a lot less maintenance while lasting for many, many years. While you’ll have to pay the initial installation fee, the long-term cost proves to be a lot cheaper than maintaining natural turf. Finally, if you’re a school or a sports group, you’re going to want to look your best, and this surface can do just that. 

How Long Will It Take To Install?

Typically, these kinds of artificial pitches will take between six and eight weeks to install. The time will, of course, vary based on the circumstances and the size of the pitch. 

If you’re the owner of a sports firm or in charge of a school, and you’re looking to invest in a 4G pitch installation, then Elite Sports & Play Surfaces will have you covered. For years, we’ve been working across the UK and will have pleasure in providing you with your new sports surface. 

4G Pitch Installation