Play Surfaces For Schools

Play Surfaces For Schools From Elite

Elite Sports & Play Surfaces provide play surfaces for schools and nurseries. Artificial grass, also called astroturf, is an excellent material to use for playgrounds and play areas. It’s soft and easy to keep clean, requiring very little maintenance, and looking great all year too. Our artificial grass play surfaces are perfect for play areas of any size, helping to make them safer and improving aesthetics. Play areas in schools need to be safe and durable to provide a suitable place for children to play, while also being easy for maintenance staff to take care of. When real grass is impractical, artificial grass is ideal.

Playground Astroturf

Create Safe Play Areas

Safety is of the utmost importance when building and maintaining play areas. Children who are using play equipment need to be protected in the case of a fall or any other accident that might occur. A soft surface to land on is one of the most important elements of any play area. Our artificial grass play surfaces for schools provide a safe, soft surface to surround play equipment and protect play areas. Artificial grass can be laid over wood or concrete or used to cover a worn patch of grass for a long-lasting solution. Shock pads can also be placed underneath play equipment for extra protection.

Benefit from Durability

School play areas see a lot of traffic. As children come and go, the playground or play area will sustain wear and tear. Grass and the ground beneath it can be easily affected, wearing away and even leaving an unstable surface. When using artificial grass on play surfaces for schools, a greater level of durability can be achieved. It’s tough and hard-wearing, as well as being hygienic and requiring little maintenance. Artificial grass can last a lot longer than real grass and it removes the risk of being unable to use the play area due to a lack of coverage on the ground.

Easy Maintenance with Artificial Grass

Real grass may take a lot of maintenance, with various tasks requiring completion all year. If you want to save your maintenance staff time, cut out the need for mowing, aerating, seeding, or any other jobs required to maintain grass, artificial grass is the answer.

It’s a low-maintenance solution for play surfaces that doesn’t get muddy and looks good all year, no matter the season or the weather. And it still feels similar to real grass, offering a soft, non-abrasive surface.

Why Choose Elite Sports & Play Surfaces?

When you choose Elite Sports & Play Surfaces to install play surfaces for your school, you benefit from a reliable service delivered with high standards of professionalism. We are licensed and insured to provide peace of mind to all of our customers and have passed important safety checks. Over our years of experience, we have installed hundreds of play surfaces for schools across the UK.
Contact us to find out more about our artificial grass play surfaces for schools and nurseries. Our practical and hygienic solution will transform your playgrounds and play areas.

Play Surfaces For Schools