Astroturf Hockey

Astroturf Hockey Pitches

Astroturf Hockey Pitches

Hockey is one of the most popular sports on the PE curriculum, with a lot of schools putting a lot of resources into the sport. There is also lots of buzz around the sport in the Olympics. A huge part of the success of the game is the playing surface. 

You should consider talking to us when you’re ready to install astroturf for your hockey pitch. 

Astroturf For Hockey Pitches

Benefits Of Synthetic Hockey Pitches

  • It’s usable in different weather conditions. A lot of sports that are played on natural turf often face the problem of weather. In winter, grass can freeze, making it painful to fall on. Rain leaves puddles that can make the pitch too soft to play on, and the sun can cause the pitch to lose its colour. Astroturf doesn’t have these issues, so your hockey players can keep playing, whatever the weather. 
  • It’s strong and versatile. A lot of sports fields take a lot of damage during play, and grass can struggle to keep up with the demands put on it. Your pitch could take a lot of damage, spoiling the look. Astroturf can handle heavy use without any problems for much longer. 
  • It doesn’t grow. Real grass needs a period after installation to grow to a certain height before it can be played on. This can waste time and make you have to cancel matches or practices. Astroturf doesn’t need this time to settle in. It can be used almost immediately after being installed. It also saves times on maintenance, as you won’t have to spend as much time on the pitch to keep it in good condition.

Low Maintenance Astroturf Hockey Pitches

It’s important to maintain your astroturf hockey pitch. It doesn’t need the same amount of time and resources as maintaining real grass, but it is still important to keep it running well. You should start by always performing a routine check before the pitch is going to be used. Walk around the pitch and look out for any problems that are showing up on the surface. You might notice issues like some of the astroturf starting to tear, or the sand infill gradually being lost over time. 

If you don’t find any damage, you still need to make sure to keep the astroturf clean. Use a soft brush on the surface to remove any dirt from the top, and keep it clean to stop dirt from entering the surface of the astroturf. Dirt and other contaminants can end up blocking the porous surface, causing dangerous problems that make the surface less safe for play. 

Astroturf Hockey Pitches