Outdoor Play Surface

Outdoor Play Surface

If you are in charge of a nursery or school facility, you will be aware of the issues that arise from having certain types of outdoor play surface. These range from injuries and falls, to hygiene and maintenance. 

In recent years the technology of artificial surfaces has improved greatly. It is no longer a viable alternative to ash, but a viable alternative to grass. Artificial surfaces are now soft grass-like surfaces with excellent drainage. 

And the benefits don’t stop there. Having your nursery play area or sports field use artificial grass, means that maintenance, along with upkeep costs are low, and the surface can be used year-round. 

Playground Astroturf

Outdoor Play Surfaces for Nurseries  

Cuts, bruises, scraps, knocks – and don’t forget tears. These are just some of the issues that occur when kids play on ash, tarmac, or old-style artificial grass.

Some people think artificial grass is not much different from ash, but it’s come a long way from the hard surfaces of the past. Today outdoor play surfaces are soft, dry, and non-abrasive. 

For nurseries, outdoor surfaces can be installed over wood or concrete to create a colourful outdoor play area that can be used at any time of the year. The days of muddy shoes indoors are over. 

Outdoor Play Surfaces for Schools

In some climates, natural grass in and around the school isn’t practical. It might look pleasant from the science labs but not so much for students needing to traverse the muddy terrain. 

Realistic-looking artificial grass for schools can be easily installed. It will replace natural grass, wood, or concrete, and provide a clean, attractive surface for students to walk on and socialise. 

With an artificial play surface installed in your school grounds, students will meet up in the area at lunchtimes or before and after school. It offers them more space in the school grounds without risking an increase in cleaning costs. 

For Sports

Traditional grass and mud might be the ideal playing surface for certain sports like football, rugby, and outdoor running, but within a school setting it has many disadvantages. 

Traditional grass is costly to maintain – not only due to the sports played regularly on it, but also the weather. Furthermore, this surface is very impractical for students to use if they need to clean up and attend another class. 

High-quality artificial grass is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing for the purposes of outdoor sports. It is soft, clean, dry, and easy to maintain. 

Outdoor Play Surfaces for Year-Round Use

If your school or facility uses traditional surfaces, chances are there will be times of the year when sports and outdoor activities need to be cancelled.

A traditional surface requires a lot of maintenance to function optimally and will need to be checked regularly by a grounds person. This is not the case with an artificial grass surface. Come rain or shine, sports and outdoor activities can be confidently organised.

Whether for nurseries, schools, or sports, installing an artificial outdoor playing surface can reduce injuries, improve hygiene, and reduce maintenance costs.

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