Artificial Sports Pitches

Artificial Sports Pitches

Artificial sports pitches are suitable for so many different sporting surfaces. Not just perfect for the beautiful game of football; they can be used for other team sports like cricket, rugby, hockey, and even golf. The use of artificial grass in the game of golf is becoming more and more widespread and can be used to create greens and tees, as well as provide strong, durable surfaces for a whole manner of sports. 

Whatever The Weather

If the weather has been poor, it could muddy your sports pitch to the point where it’s rendered unusable. As such, events can be called off, or if they go ahead, it could cause difficulties for the players and officials. But this is not a problem with all weather grounds. Here at Elite we are one of the UK’s premier installers of artificial sports pitches.

Reliable & Cost Effective

Artificial sports pitches are becoming increasingly popular, not just because they are a great replacement for real grass, but artificial sports pitches reduce the need for maintenance. For any sports organisation or leisure centre, they are a so beneficial in terms of upkeep. Maintenance costs are reduced drastically due to the artificial grass maintaining its colour and doesn’t require watering or mowing.

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Training Facilities

The perfect and cost effective solution to all year round training facilities.

Sports Surfaces UK
Competition Standard

For sports that allow artificial surfaces, we can supply a competition grade product.

Tennis Courts

Ever popular in the UK, tennis courts that look and feel the part.


Professional or amateur football training pitches with low maintenance.

Artificial Sports Pitches: Great For The Players

Artificial sports pitches are great all year round and they are a popular choice in comparison to the traditional pitch because of their high durability. Sports like football and rugby have a considerable amount of footfall. As such, the durability of these surfaces means they will last for years to come. In addition to this, synthetic grass is usually more comfortable for players. Many sports are played on hard ground as an alternative to playing on grass. But artificial grounds have increased shock absorption, resulting in a more comfortable experience for the players.

Artificial Sports Pitches For Your Organisation

Whether you are running a sports club and you need a pitch for 5-a-side football matches, or you plan on running tournaments, our sports pitches are a perfect alternative to the real thing. While real grass needs to look perfect for match day, artificial sports grounds require little to no maintenance. What’s more, they keep their colour, ensuring they look great for years to come, no matter how many teams run on them.

As artificial sports grounds are becoming more popular due to their low-cost maintenance and look, it becomes a real investment for local sports organisations. Whether you are running a small football team and need to keep your budget low so you can invest in kits or this season has proved slightly more taxing in a financial sense, it’s important to remember that you cannot skimp on the surface the team plays on. Whether it’s football pitches, tennis courts, or golf, the right surface makes all the difference to an individual’s game. 

We provide artificial sports surfaces to suit your needs. Whether you are teeing off or tackling low, we have a wide range of artificial grass to help your team train, improve your performance, and bring you under budget.

Professional Artificial Sports Pitches.