Artificial Grass For Playgrounds

Artificial Grass For Playgrounds From Elite

Artificial grass for playgrounds is an excellent option for schools and nurseries who want to improve the quality of life for students and reduce maintenance costs. 

Replacing your school’s ash or tarmac surface with artificial grass can reduce injuries, improve hygiene, and provide a high-quality all-weather surface for students to socialise on or play sports.

The technology for artificial grass has come a long way in recent years. It now provides a surface virtually indistinguishable from the real thing that is even used at the level of elite sports.

Playground Astroturf


If you work in a nursery or school, you will be familiar with the general complaints and issues associated with outdoor surfaces. These can include cuts, bruises, painful falls and sprains. 

Modern artificial grass surfaces are designed to be soft, providing users with a cushion when they fall. The surface is not like the old astroturf design; these days, plastic grass blades imitate the real thing to create a more natural experience. 

Installing an artificial grass surface has never been easier. It can be laid over an existing grass surface, or on top of wood, concrete, or ash. With a modern surface such as this, you will notice a significant reduction in injuries. 


Traditional surfaces such as ash, concrete and astroturf were supposed to improve cleanliness and hygiene in the school environment. But it’s still an issue in the form of cuts and grazes.

Children playing on these surfaces often come back with open wounds that need treated and various injuries from hard falls. Furthermore, playing on traditional grass means students bring mud and dirt back into the clean school. 

Artificial grass surfaces for playgrounds is an excellent solution to the issue of hygiene in the school. Students will not only have a better experience on the surface but will return with fewer injuries and cuts. 

Low Maintenance Artificial Grass For Playgrounds

It might be nice to offer your students a traditional grass playing surface for sports, but it comes with all kinds of issues – the cost of maintenance being one of them. 

Grass surfaces must be maintained in different ways at different times of the year. New grass needs to be planted and cut regularly; the surface also needs adequate irrigation and drainage depending on climate and conditions. All of this is costly and unnecessary. 

What if you could have the experience of a grass playing surface without the high maintenance costs that go with it? This is one thing an artificial grass surface can offer.

All Weather Artificial Grass For Playgrounds

Does your school or facility exist in a temperate climate that experiences cool, wet winters? In these climates, grass playgrounds can become boggy and unappealing, often unusable, at certain times of the year. 

Resurfacing your playground area with artificial grass means your students can meet up outside and socialise even on wet wintry afternoons. Students can easily walk around the outside area with dry feet, even in the most extreme conditions and won’t bring any mud inside. 

More and more schools are now opting for artificial grass for playgrounds because of the clear advantages and benefits this surface provides. 

Artificial Grass For Playgrounds