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If you are running a play centre in Leeds, or a school, or you’re a parent who is concerned about your child ruining their new clothes on muddy ground, artificial play surfaces provide a welcome alternative to real grass. Many schools and nurseries across Leeds are now making the switch from real grass to artificial grass and it has revitalised their play areas forever. 

As children can be very heavy with their feet, it’s important to get artificial grass that is long lasting and durable. Our play surfaces guarantee children will be able to run around on it for hours without any issue. Ensuring that artificial grass lasts as long as possible is all about choosing the best quality grass. So whether children are playing sports or running games, material that can withstand a high volume of foot traffic is essential to the safety of the children but also needs to be something that feels as good as real grass.

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Safe And Long Lasting Play Surfaces


When it comes to the safety of children, artificial grass in playgrounds, nurseries, or schools can create a safe environment. As artificial grass is naturally soft and non-abrasive, children can play on it without risk of serious injury. And if there is a risk of children falling, artificial grass can come with a foam underlay to guarantee a softer landing. For the health and safety conscious out there, artificial play surfaces provide peace of mind when the children are playing at full speed!


Children want to play outside, despite Leeds’ erratic weather. The headaches that come with ensuring children are safe when running around in muddy fields, wet grass and uneven surfaces are many. But artificial grass can be used all year round with next to no mess. Plus artificial grass and synthetic play surfaces are shock absorbent, this can help children feel more comfortable in any weather.

Easy Care & Cost Efficient

Another key benefit of artificial play surfaces is that they are easy to maintain. As such, this can save schools and nurseries a lot of money that would have been spent on maintenance fees. As far as an investment is concerned, artificial play surfaces can help a school or nursery balance its budget. And as artificial grass is so easy to maintain and doesn’t lose its colour, it helps to make your nursery or playgrounds look revitalised. If your grass has become unusable or looks tired or worn out, artificial play surfaces can help to inject a new lease of life into a once dull space.

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Artificial play surfaces look fantastic, withstand all weathers and are strong and tough, and are safe to use all year round. If you’re looking to revitalise your play area or breathe a new lease of life into to your playground or school without the worries that come with muddy grass, our play surfaces provide hours of enjoyment for Leeds’ children of all ages.

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